Nerd Muscles Update

Just an update – my core muscles have spent the last few days in a state I have never experienced from them before.

Protip – if you’re going to work muscles you have almost never worked before, you might want to remember you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I unfortunately felt like 15 minutes of work was kinda lamesauce, despite the gratuitous amounts of sweat I had produced. I pushed to 20 and then 25. I probably had gotten a great workout at 15! That’s part of the whole point, isn’t it? Efficiency!

Other protip – if you go nuts, stretch equal to the insanity of your working out.

I did the bodyweight circuit today, and the squats and lunges were like the blessed respite of sitting on the porch sipping lemonade compared to the pushups and plank pose. Helluva reversal in that for me.

Das’ okay. I’ll be back on them when my awed muscles recover. Shit takes time!

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