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The First Five

Sara Letourneau asks: Who Were the First Five Authors You Read in Your Favorite Genre? As a child, I read a lot. I remember the trepidation with which I checked out my first long book (Ramona and Her Father in … Continue reading

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If my May morning is my responsibility, So too is my November night–                                            E.C. Lemmon, May 2009   Why … Continue reading

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Confession: I don’t want a “real job” right now

My latest day job just ended. Or rather, it transitioned. I went from being a long term (go in every day, prep lessons, grade things) substitute in Latin for 9 weeks to being… a regular sub, a person they just … Continue reading

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Stuff That Happened: When Jokes Aren’t Jokes

I recently posted about volunteering with a creek cleanup effort. After the event, the sponsor took us all out to pizza at Soulshine. The event leaders, though I expected them, never did show up. One of the people affiliated with … Continue reading

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Stuff I’m Into: Hands On Nashville

As of yesterday, this post was going to be about something totally different. Then, this morning, Scott casually passed along a couple of interesting things he found on twitter (one was a stovetop tort recipe, and the other was a link … Continue reading

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