2016 Reading Challenge

Fairly late in the year (I think maybe October?), I decided to set the goal of reading 36 books in 2016. I picked this modest number because it would mean an average of 3 per month, although my pace of reading changed dramatically in different of the calendar year, depending on what else is going on in life at that time.

Some of these are audiobooks, which I completed during commutes and chore-doing, an others are actual books or e-books read with the eyes. The intake method matters because, for a while, the audiobook thing was a slow but steady way I was working my way through some longer works. Audiobooks move slower but allow for multitasking.

Even this month breakdown is a bit skewed, however, because – for example, the 0 completed in June is related to the completion in early July of a tome known as Mistborn.

January – 1
February – 4
March – 4
April – 1
May – 3
June – 0
July – 5
August – 2
September – 3
October – 4
November – 6
December – 5

Ultimately able to complete 38 in the year, ranging from long-ass fantasy to short graphic novel, and near the end (October-December, at least) ranging wildly in type and genre as I sampled some things that are popular in the reading world.

Here’s my year in books on Goodreads:


For the complete list, click here.


I’m going to follow this with a more detailed look at two different major categories I picked up in October as I began to contemplate a DIY MFA and as I got into NaNoWriMo.

For the DIY MFA, I’ve consumed a lot of bestselling fiction.

For the NaNo project, I’ve gotten into a bunch of werewolf stories, which I feel like in all due diligence, I should have read long before I even contemplated writing a werewolf story of my own, but there you are.

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