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Whole30 Week 3

Doing this Whole30 is reminding me of last year, and I’m seeing how different my life is now compared to then. Of course, that one was one year and about a month ago, so it was colder and more February..ish, … Continue reading

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Fill Out the Form!

There’s a little piece of a memory that sticks with me, from a high school field trip I took with drama club. Once we arrived onsite, we were allowed to pick workshops, and since I was a senior (I think?) … Continue reading

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Whole30 Week 2

But first, some fake Q n’ A! Q: So, is this just gonna be like a food journal? A: Yeah kinda. With commentary. I’m doing it because I found myself wondering what I ate last time I did this, and … Continue reading

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Whole30 Week 1

I figured I’d do Whole30 again. Last year, when I did this, I didn’t get to feel the full benefit thanks to the nasty flu virus making the rounds. I learned something that year… don’t trust a flu vaccine to … Continue reading

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Stuff I’m Into: Sting

Fangirling at its finest. On Tuesday night, I got to see Sting in concert. This is a bigger deal than you think. First of all, despite living in Music City, I don’t actually go to all that many concerts. I … Continue reading

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