Whole30 Week 2

But first, some fake Q n’ A!

Q: So, is this just gonna be like a food journal?

A: Yeah kinda. With commentary. I’m doing it because I found myself wondering what I ate last time I did this, and where to find the recipes I liked best, and wished I had made a post with links. Also, it’s good to keep a journal of how the process affects you! But yeah. Mostly a link-list with notes.

Q: So are you gonna share all of how it affects you?

A: I haven’t decided how much about my personal poo experiences I want to put on the internet. So…. not sure.

The Week1 recap: Week one took a week and a half. You gotta be all in.. there’s no “I guess I’ll do this.”
Getting a bit tired of spending so much time in the kitchen. Wait, let me be clear – I kind of enjoy most of that time while doing it, but it’s the realizing three hours later that you have two hours less time than you thought you would have to do the rest of the crap on your to do list not related to food that is the kicker. Seriously.
I’m also not super happy about the social effects already. I had to skip Teacher Appreciation Lunch on Friday because.. I thought about going to it and just picking at what I could eat… then just said screw it, and holed up with my leftovers. I also wish I could go hang out at bars better, but I just can’t really. It’s boring if you can’t eat or drink anything, and you start to think, why even waste the time? So you just stay home. A LOT. This will, I predict, get harder to bear as the month goes on.

Looking ahead: This coming week, I’ll be taking a spring break to Georgia to visit my family. “How you gonna do Whole30 on spring break?” Scott asked. At first, I was afraid. It can feel like there is nothing you can eat out in the world, when you get into this thing and are cooking everything you eat so you can keep an eye on the ingredients, but with some meal planning and some willingness to remember that you can snack on any handy fruit or vegetable, and even most gas stations at least have bananas – you are not going to face starvation by leaving the house for more than a few hours at a time.

My mom texts me “How many eggs do you think we’ll need?” I respond “How many can you get?” she has a farm egg hookup. I’m hoping for two or three dozen. She manages to stock five and a half. Yesssss. (Although I apparently forgot that week 1 is the Week of All the Eggs and the following weeks are less extreme in that regard…)

Day 8 (3/11) –

Breakfast is that hash n eggs again, because it’s killing it in all the ways.

Lunch, finally time to whip up some of that avocado egg salad and toss it on some greens. I accidentally oversalt and try to compensate with a bit of lime juice. *shrug*

At dinner I scrounge up what’s left of the asparagus bacon and put an egg on it. Later, when I’m watching people eat pizza onscreen, I get stupidly jealous and decide to eat “a few spoonfuls” of what’s left of the avocado egg salad. It is quickly completely gone.

Day 9 (3/12) –

Nothing fancy today, breakfast is just a couple of eggs and a piece of fruit, and lunch ends up being more breakfast.

I make some tuna salad mixup for the following day while I stir up some dinner also.

Day 10 (3/13) –

This is my travel day, so I do a good solid helping of sweet potato hash eggs for breakfast, and have premade the tuna avocado mix for lunch, along with some “trail mix” of dried apricots, banana chips, and almonds. I end up tearing up some kale to shove in with the tuna as “greens” to sort of make it less of a pile and more of a salad.

I also pack a banana and apple for the car, along with plenty of coffee.

By the time I get to Georgia, I am not very hungry, but dinner should still happen, so my willing-to-play-along friend Kyle and I go to the store and get what we need to make big o burgers which turn out freaking amazing (WHY put bacon on top of a burger when you can just put it INSIDE the burger?), and also a redux of bacon-wrapped asparagus as a side (no egg on it). Kyle says he appreciates any diet where bacon is part of both the main dish and the side. We aren’t done cleaning up til like 10:30, though, after all the grocery and cooking and eating, because the convenience that you gave up with packaged foods is still gone, so everything takes forever because it’s from scratch and dirties about 250% more dishes to boot.

I’m feelin’ pretty good, though…

Day 11 (3/14) –

Sweet potato hash and eggs. My mom grates the the sweet potato by hand while I fret that she will grate her hands off. Leftovers for lunch (burgers, etc.). Pork chops for dinner.

The pork chops are quite good, and I will have to do them again.

Day 12 (3/15) –

Bradycakes with blackberries and blue. Lunch at Marlow’s where my aunts graciously identify a dish I can eat! I have to make a few modifications, and send it back once (u.u), but I’m pleased I can eat at a restaurant without too much trouble. I do stop eating the salad after a few bites because I am not sure if there is sugar in the dressing. There might be. I don’t want to send it back again. Everyone else’s food contains bread and looks and smells amazing. Because it’s a birthday lunch, there is also free dessert. It’s bread pudding beignets. I have some black coffee with a shot of willpower. I will have a staredown a few hours later with a dozen-box of donuts when we stop to get some for the people at my grandmother’s cabin home. I consider throwing it all away, but don’t because it’s kinda hard to get the donut box open before my mom gets back from the restroom. Oh and willpower too I guess.

Dinner is an attempt at kalua pig, but it’s done with a very large tenderloin in the slow-low oven instead of a slow cooker. It turns out a’ight.. a bit dry because we cooked it too long, but it still goes well with the cabbage and other veg we put alongside it.

I’m starting to notice my energy levels and clarity on the rise, with a solid sleep habit that runs an easy 8-hour night. The groove is being got into.

Day 13 (3/16) –

Bradycakes with blackberries and blue, avocado egg salad for lunch (although the eggs give me hell to peel once boiled… maybe they are too damn fresh), and nutpaste salmon with brussel sprout slaw for dinner. The salmon is still as good as the first time, and the slaw is great too. I love it when healthy tastes good and is fairly easy.

Day 14 (3/17) –

Bradycakes for breakfast again, tuna-avocado for lunch (with a helping of leftover salmon and brussels for a snack gone overboard), and for dinner…. cracklin’ chicken (! although I got thighs with no bones or skin, they worked out fine… did splatter oil and grease all over the stove and stove area, though… she ain’ lying ’bout the splatter guard being a thing) and a side salad of multigreen proportions (there’s a farmer up near where my mom works who sells bags of greens from an honor-system roadside stand. He puts a mix of all kinds of stuff in there – collard, radish, kale, lettuces… I can’t even identify them all, but they’re all very green. He also throws in some radishes or other roots to go withsies). I slam together my own dressing from some leftover lime which I juice, some olive oil, and some thyme leaves… delicious.

At night I put myself in temptation’s way again by going to a drinking party where I drink…. water. With ice cubes! My Whole30 sleep schedule is real, so I don’t stay all that late.

Day 15 (3/18) –

Another travel day, so after breakfast of bradycakes, we cook up some mini-okonoms with some of the leftover pork. They’ll take me on the road along with a couple fruit pieces.

Dinner is just a repeat of sweet potato hash eggs, because it’s there and I have a machine to grate them (so I don’t have to risk maiming myself), and I got 2 dozen “Amanda eggs” fresh from the farm that I toted back with me. Gonna have to do another week-plan and grocery trip, but not today.








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