Whole30 Week 4

Day 25 (Monday, 3/27)

I made butternut squash cakes for breakfast, along with an egg. But my cakies did not look like that. I have a tendency to try to flip things too soon if they are in a pan and require flipping. If you read that recipe, you’ll notice that nothing holds the cakies together except the act of being fried together. I’m not good at this. So I mostly had a mashy pile of hot butternut puree with some crispy bits. Still good though, still quite good.

So… if something is tasty, you just keep eating it.

For lunch, I had leftover halibut and cabbage slaw.

I had a snack of almonds and some dried apricots (basically candy… whoa, remember candy?).

For dinner, I had leftover halibut and cabbage slaw. This wasn’t super nice of me, because after that there was no ready food for Scott. (Sorry!) Oh, and the rest of the butternut puree, I ate that too. So remember how I said there is no substitute for ice cream? I was wrong. This is it. This shit is amazing. Although it’s basically baby food? I do not want to stop eating it, and am stopped only by the bottom of the tupperware. It was good warm, and it’s good cold too.

Day 26 (Tuesday, 3/28)

Breakfast! Is more of those mashy butternut cakes and an egg. I do better with the butternut stuff this time, but it’s still not holding together well. It’s still tasty, though.

For lunch I experiment a little more with eggs and make some Thai-style omelettes, which turn out better than I expected. Before making these, I put some short ribs in the slow cooker, although they will at this point not be done til like 9pm.   ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Whilst waiting, I pull a redux of the brusselsprout slaw, and it is again very good.

Day 27 (Wednesday, 3/29)

I start dinner first thing in the morning! Because it’s kalua pig slow cooker.

Breakfast is the last of the butternut squash cakies with some bacon. And an egg.

Lunch is the rest of the short ribs and my first try of cauliflower rice (just the frozen kind you get in bag), which was not half bad when drowned in shortrib sauce. Oh and some of the leftover Brussels sprout slaw too. And later like a million almonds because I was so bored trying to make myself work on grammar rules for the ACT.

Later I make some more red cabbage slaw, because I still have some sauce and half a red cabbage and we need a side for the massive amount of meat that will be ready in a few hours and Scott said he liked it! (Many reasons)

I premake tomorrow’s lunch too (some avocado tuna on greens, etc.) because I’m not working from home tomorrow..! Ahh!

Day 28 (Thursday, 3/30)

Back to raspberry bradycakes for breakfast, and my lovely pre-packed lunch of tuna avocado salad, the rest of the broccoli slaw, an apple, a banana, and a bunch of almonds.

After my programmer school interview I scarfed the ’emergency food’ Larabar I had stashed in my car, too. I immediately regretted it, because it was rather sweet (mostly dates), but also I wasn’t hungry, so that means I was eating it out of some kind of reward reflex or comforting ritual. I may have changed the ingredients, but I haven’t changed my mind, and it’s been 28 days!

For dinner I puree some curry-broccoli soup and fry up some of the pork to put in just as suggested. It’s really tasty, especially the bites with pork.

Day 29 (Friday, 3/31)

Going to work again (and locking my keys … and my lunch… in the car), same ol’ breakfast, and lunch is some pork, and some of the red cabbage slaw. Also a bunch of almonds and some dried apricots.

I snack on these anyway because unlike Thursday, on this day I do not have an interview, so I am not as worried about the adverse effects of the sugars dried fruit seems to be having. I’m blaming the ingredient-fine but consuming-wise-not-fine Larabar from the day before for making me feel so blah most of this day. I didn’t end up eating the pork, because I wasn’t near a microwave and didn’t want it cold.

More soup for dinner (again with the pork in it.. yum!), and some applesauce for dessert.

Day 30 (Saturday, 4/1)

This is funny. I didn’t realize my day 30 of Whole30 would fall on April Fool’s Day, but it’s totally appropriate, because do you think your Whole30 experience is over?! Time for cheeseburgers, milkshakes, and beer?! HAH! Think again! You still got like 12-15 days of re-entry protocol if you wanna do it right. Last year, I didn’t do this part right. I was so focused on making it to 30, that I paid no attention to what comes after 30. Not so this year! Whole 45! Whole forever! Okay that’s pushing it a bit…

Anyway, breakfast (and lunch, because why not eat the same thing twice in a row) is a return of the sweet potato hash and eggs! So good, and so stabilizing. I’m ready for something I know does me right, after almost a whole day previous of uncomfortable gas.   >.>

Dinner is gonna be leftovers (soup, pork, and red cabbage slaw).


It’s time to start looking at reintroduction plans!

Honestly, I will probably stay Whole30 until I have figured out exactly where this gassy feeling is coming from. I’ve blamed the dried fruit, but there is some possibility that it’s the almonds. I don’t want to test and falsely blame one of the reintroduction groups by going in too soon. But, I still want to start planning to buy and make some of this stuff!

Also, I’m really excited about non-gluten grains, because Scott has been toasting these gluten-free waffles that smell great and I really miss the waffles (and the muffins.. because muffins are like cake, but without the icing, and that is my favorite kind of cake).

Maybe I’ll take the slow roll… there are still a lot of compliant recipes I haven’t had a chance to try yet. Plus, planning an eating schedule that places the reintroduction in order and on the scheduled days seems like a lot of work.


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