Whole30 Week 5 (Re-Entry)

I have to admit that I weighed myself last week. It’s technically not supposed to be allowed on Whole30, because you aren’t supposed to be thinking about your weight during the protocol, but I gave in and stepped on the scale at the gym. I had in fact lost a little bit. I think it’s more the running, coupled with the fact that I have just not been eating as many carbs (I haven’t had any white potatoes, even! Just.. the recipes I’ve been making don’t call for them, so I’ve not been doing it!). I don’t say this to gloat.. if anything, it shows that you will likely lose weight on Whole30, even if you aren’t restricting the amount you eat in any way.

Because it’s not the kind of diet that has anything to do with amounts. I have eaten more food this month than I normally do. I have simply eaten almost no un-food. I did not consume calories that left me empty yet. But I sure as heck never ‘went hungry,’ in fact I felt fully justified in eating any damn time I felt anything resembling hunger because, at worst, it was a misguided sense of biological clock that suggested it, and what was I going to do, overdo it on bananas? So give me the bacon (sugar free), the fried chicken, give me so much soup I can’t sit up properly anymore. Give me the scrambled eggs and the sweet potatoes and all the healthy fats…

I’m not underweight like I was during the dark times, so don’t worry. I’m still within a healthy range, and I’m looking and feeling fit, rather than scraggly. (Like if you need numbers… my ‘normal’ range from Japan life was 125-135, changing seasonally. Lately, I’d been holding steady at 130 for many months now [this is only important to me because I wanted to be able to deadlift my own weight]. In the dark times I was as low as 112. I don’t like to talk about it because everyone thinks stress-not-eating is a better than stress-eating, but it isn’t better, it’s just a different response that is just as unhealthy. However, I’ve been really happy with the 130 readout, and wouldn’t mind a bit more if it came in the form of muscles! The only problem here is that shape changes require new clothes… sigh).


Anyway, that confession aside… it’s time to work on re-entry!


I am still on the fence a bit about whether to do it in order or to slow-roll it. I think I might do a little of both. It’s a lot of work for me to plan out a daily meal schedule (hah.. hahaha) so for now… I just allowed myself to cruise the grocery store and decided that legumes are not off limits, and neither are things with a negligible amount of sugar.

Re-Entry Day 1 (4/2)

Sunday. I treat myself to the grocery store buffet line and include bacon even though it has sugar in it from the curing. I also get white potatoes which I somehow had not eaten until this day.

I feel more or less the same.

Lunch is a weird mashup of fish and finely chopped carrots, red onion, and celery, all mixed with mustard. Not super good, but passable.

A hearty snack of unsweetened banana chips and almonds, mmm mm.

For dinner I make some baked turbot as fast as I can, because I was tutoring and then RPG-ing and it got late and I was still hungry.

Re-Entry Day 2 (4/3) – some legumes?

Today I actually ate some legumes. Just a little. I used soy sauce in my morning bradycakes and then had a snack in the afternoon that was a little bowl full of dried crunchy chickpeas (kinda spicy!) that were on sale at the store this week. I feel a liiiiittle bit gassy after the chickpeas, but I have also been told if you eat the beans without the rice, you’ll have the gas (but if you eat the beans together with rice it completes the protein and you don’t have gas… I’m not basing this on anything but hearsay)!

Anyway… lunch was leftover turbot and some applesauce (actually this apricot-applesauce, not sweetened or anything — apples are sweet enough!) and some handfuls of banana chips and almonds because I was just bored and munchy.

At dinner time I made some Spicy Cauliflower which turned out pretty good, to go with the last of the turbot.

I guess tomorrow I’m back on the Whole30 for a couple of days, but it’s easier once you’re used to it. I should have tried peanut butter, but we don’t actually have any (Scott eats almond butter and for months I just haven’t).

Re-Entry Day 3 (4/4)

Well the chickpeas are definitely getting blamed for making me gassy. I had another small bowl of them after dinner just for funsies. To be fair, I am not saying all legumes are responsible for this effect, because these are a specific kind of dried product with other stuff in it too (I should have thought about the other ingredients in the spice blend that covers the chickpeas!).

Tuna-avocado bowl for lunch with some chickweed. Generous helpings of banana chips and almonds. A whole pot of coffee (with cinnamon!) in the afternoon (oops…). To be totally honest, I’ve been sleeping rather well with this Whole30 business, even when I have had a whole carafe of coffee to myself in the afternoon. So… you know, there’s that.

I’ve made my peace with eating baby animal so long as it comes from somewhere nearby. I used to buy the stuff from New Zealand, and I got nothing against NZ or their baby animals, but if there is lamb to be had at the farmers’ market from my favorite farm, then I am so down. So I made lamb burgers with non-dairy tzatziki, which is a-ma-zing (the lamb? Or the sauce? BOTH, my friends. BOTH.)… So delicious. A handful of chickweed, the last of the cauliflower, and I’m set to go.

Tomorrow is a day at school, so I’ve got to be ready with packed lunch and snacks!

Re-entry Day 4 (4/5)

Breakfast bradycakes, and then lunch is a great leftover set, including lamb burger and the non-dairy tzatziki, with some cut up carrot and celery sticks to also dip in the tzatziki. I brought along a little hummus for some more chickpea attempts, and dipped the carrot and celery in that too. Plus the almonds + banana chips that has become a go-to snack.

For dinner I do baked salmon with the delicious nuts and herbs and coconut oil (which is still almost painfully amazing), and a round of baked veggies. I use this recipe, although instead of just sweet potatoes, I also used some red onion and brussel sprouts, halved. Made the sauce, too. Delicious, though all told, pretty time consuming.

Re-entry Day 5 (4/6)

Bradycakes breakfast, and leftovers lunch (salmon, yes please, with some of the veggies and sauce to go on ’em!), with the snack of almonds + banana chips, and applesauce.

For dinner I make Mexican Pressure Cooker Beef, and then later do some Brussel Sprouts Slaw. I end up really frustrated because of my evening schedule having to build around an online lesson smack in the middle of everything (from 6 to 7pm), and the MexiBeef being done looooong before the veggies. I’m frustrated again by how long some of these things take to make, and how much prep is required. (The beef is relatively easy.. the slaw is a timesuck. I just keep making it because it is tasty. And I love Brussel Sprouts Chips.)

Re-entry Day 6 (4/7)

Bradycakes as usual for breakfast (now I’m doing combos of blueberries and smashed up frozen raspberries), and leftovers for lunch — the last of the MexiBeef is coming to school with me (along with a tiny thing of cilantro leaves) and a container of sprout slaw.  And a baggie of almonds and banana chips of course, the last of them (until grocery trip).

I stare longingly at muffins that are offered to me, leftovers from a class breakfast before a field trip.

In fact, I know they are in the staff room right now, and that are calling to me. I don’t even like this particular flavor of muffins, but oh, muffins as a class of food… I almost broke for thee. I wondered, why not, I mean, I’m done with the 30. But gluten-bearing grains with that much sugar aren’t supposed to come til later. And if not later, then I wanna wait for a muffin flavor I really like to consider worth-it enough to capitulate.


Also there is nothing left for dinner in the house, so we end up getting burgers. I do my best, but I’m pretty sure there was a little dairy in the sauce that was a little bit still on the burger I ate. No bread or cheese or whatnot. Um, but also fries. Ingredientially fine, habitually problematic, and so delicious. Probably not okay. But I sleep well.

Re-entry Day 7 (4/8)

Grocery store in the morning, and a huge helping of the old standby (eggs n’ sweet potato hash).

Today I threw in the towel and had some shwarma from Newroz Market. Worth it! The first bread I’ve had in a loong time, and it was so good. Very fresh (made in house), and the seasoning on the meat (I opted out of sauce because I still wanna keep away from dairy and sugar as much as possible) was amazing, and they are a Halal place, so I figure it’s gotta be clean stuff. This sandwich was delicious. Also, it was way past lunchtime and we were tooling around south of town, totally pushing the foodclock.

I did take a nap later that afternoon, and I can’t say it wasn’t the breadcarbs, but still worth it.




I’ve been having technical difficulties (ranging from forgetting my power cable places, limiting my computer use, to losing home internet until a new modemrouter is shipped)…. so I’m gonna go ahead and post this, although it might need some edits later. I just wanna post it so I can leave this internet-having place and go to internetless home.

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