Quick Update

I’ve been pretty lax on the writing side of my life lately. I kept meaning to write a blog post about stuff that’s been going on, but you know how it goes.

I moved! I know I’ve talked before about how moving sucks, and it is still so, though sucking isn’t all it does. I live in East Nashville now, which puts me closer to enough things that I’ve only driven on the interstate about six times since moving nearly a month ago. This is a conscious choice I’ve been making, although my new location makes it easier to get to school each day without it. It’s super easy and direct to drive to school now! And Scott can actually bike to school. Both of our commutes have vastly improved, not to mention the appeal of East Nashville’s neighborhoody bars and other locale vibes. We have to go out of our way to get to big box stores, but we like it that way.

Our new place has its share of minor issues, but so far I like it better. We’re almost fully settled in now, though I want to get rid of one or two more furniture items. We’re going for a more open space approach in this place, and I really dig it. We got rid of a bunch of things on our way out of the old place, but there are still a couple of items we toted over thinking we’d make a decision about them later.


I want to have an actual housewarming party this time! So I’m looking at the weekend of August 26th. Try and hold me to it.



School life has been moving right along, as well. Almost unbelievably, I’m about halfway done.

This week, I’ve been working on making my own app from basically ‘scratch,’ although scratch includes me borrowing pieces of functionality from the other stuff we’ve worked on up to this point.

My app is now at “MVP” (minimum viable product), which means it’s working in its most basic form, and all I need to do between now and presentation day is make it prettier and add other features that I think will make it more effective or easier to use!

I’m excited about having built a thing that actually does a thing. More about this too, especially if I can get it to deploy in some limited form in a way that would allow you to try it out yourself!

Otherwise, I’ve been trying to go to meetups for tech stuff around Nashville (some civic hacking groups, and other informative sessions etc.), and hanging out with board games and trivia nights, as well as online with my SoDL crew (as you have probably seen linked on facebook). It seems like I’m doing more organized play than I had in the last few years, and I’m glad of that. Part of the point of trying to switch lives was to find more balanace and less burnout. I’m also grateful to have school classmates and teachers and TAs. Aaaand, I’m going to be starting another 108 Sun-Salutation-Challenge in a couple days. I think that’s it for the time being. It’s a lot.

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1 Response to Quick Update

  1. Wilhelmina Lemmon says:

    Always enjoy your blog my love! Good to see you last week too. xoxo

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