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Heyy guys, long time no write, right? You may have noticed I have a tendency to write about negative things only when I am at a comfortable enough distance from them to put a positive, sometimes comic spin on them. … Continue reading

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You can learn what you need to learn.

As I closed the second half of my whirlwind journey into software development – that is, after 3 months and before only 3 more of school, several people asked me how it was all going. I feel like this sums … Continue reading

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Quick Update

I’ve been pretty lax on the writing side of my life lately. I kept meaning to write a blog post about stuff that’s been going on, but you know how it goes. I moved! I know I’ve talked before about … Continue reading

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Frankly, my dear, I have to ask why you give a

There’s a third thing that happened at approximately the same time as starting school and also giving death a little ‘what-up’ wave. It’s not quite as big, but I think it’s also playing a role in how I’m thinking and … Continue reading

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Gettin’ Schooled

I’ve made reference a few times to the positive good change that’s been in play on my day-to-day recently. Some life changes can be both big and small at the same time. When I changed schools (sort of), it was … Continue reading

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Wreckin’ Shit

I’ve had a couple of major life events in the last few weeks. They are each continuing to have pretty strong effects on my day to day life, as well as my mental state. One is having a strong positive … Continue reading

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Stuff I’m Into: The Library

Can we take a moment? To just appreciate that these exist, and are amazing? I know the library websites and bulletin boards are all like “There’s so much more to us than books!” and yeah, sure there is, but like … Continue reading

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The Burning Crash at the end of this Whole30

The entry formerly titled “Re-Entry Continues” Stories of failure are always more fun to tell than stories of success. It’s the one redeeming quality they have over being the shittier of the two in experience. (Side note – arguably a … Continue reading

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Stuff I’m Into: Podcasts

I’ve been listening to a bunch of podcasts lately. I accidentally overreached my data-speed limit (so my phone doesn’t cut out or charge extra, but it does slow down my data after a certain amount) by listening to so many, … Continue reading

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Blame Mercury

I used to be more into astrology. I have always liked the way the planets move as symbols through that picture, and can be woven as a story. Much as any intuitive style non-science, it’s easy to make fun of … Continue reading

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