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Frankly, my dear, I have to ask why you give a

There’s a third thing that happened at approximately the same time as starting school and also giving death a little ‘what-up’ wave. It’s not quite as big, but I think it’s also playing a role in how I’m thinking and … Continue reading

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Wreckin’ Shit

I’ve had a couple of major life events in the last few weeks. They are each continuing to have pretty strong effects on my day to day life, as well as my mental state. One is having a strong positive … Continue reading

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The Burning Crash at the end of this Whole30

The entry formerly titled “Re-Entry Continues” Stories of failure are always more fun to tell than stories of success. It’s the one redeeming quality they have over being the shittier of the two in experience. (Side note – arguably a … Continue reading

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2016 Reading Challenge

Fairly late in the year (I think maybe October?), I decided to set the goal of reading 36 books in 2016. I picked this modest number because it would mean an average of 3 per month, although my pace of … Continue reading

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Fanfiction: in the Oral Tradition

As I embarked this past week on my first attempt at NaNoWriMo, I found myself thinking back to the writing I used to do. Fanfiction. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the impulse to re-create … Continue reading

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Stuff That Happened: When Jokes Aren’t Jokes

I recently posted about volunteering with a creek cleanup effort. After the event, the sponsor took us all out to pizza at Soulshine. The event leaders, though I expected them, never did show up. One of the people affiliated with … Continue reading

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Stuff That Happened: Full Semicircles

Let me take you back… to 1993. Your Lemmon was seven years old, and in the second grade. For some reason, I can recall some pieces really vividly. I can see my second grade classroom, and the second grade best … Continue reading

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