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Quick Update

I’ve been pretty lax on the writing side of my life lately. I kept meaning to write a blog post about stuff that’s been going on, but you know how it goes. I moved! I know I’ve talked before about … Continue reading

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Frankly, my dear, I have to ask why you give a

There’s a third thing that happened at approximately the same time as starting school and also giving death a little ‘what-up’ wave. It’s not quite as big, but I think it’s also playing a role in how I’m thinking and … Continue reading

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Blame Mercury

I used to be more into astrology. I have always liked the way the planets move as symbols through that picture, and can be woven as a story. Much as any intuitive style non-science, it’s easy to make fun of … Continue reading

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Where your ‘pissed-off’ meets the world’s need

Just before Martin Luther King, Jr.’s calendar day, I was half-listening to the daily presentation/devotional at the school where I sometimes work as a substitute. It’s a Christian school, and the presentation that day was by the lady who runs … Continue reading

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Obsessive Tendencies

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking a great deal about something. It almost borders on obsession.¬†And normally, that’s cool. When I’m having a fangirl moment, I can turn to outlets like this blog, and then whether my devotion … Continue reading

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Fill Out the Form!

There’s a little piece of a memory that sticks with me, from a high school field trip I took with drama club. Once we arrived onsite, we were allowed to pick workshops, and since I was a senior (I think?) … Continue reading

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Stuff I’m Into Lately: Songs to Cry At

Today’s ridiculous moment: Driving on the highway, behind a pickup truck with an NL sticker, next to a work van with a terrier mutt hanging out the window biting the wind, tears running down my face because I’m listening to … Continue reading

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