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The Burning Crash at the end of this Whole30

The entry formerly titled “Re-Entry Continues” Stories of failure are always more fun to tell than stories of success. It’s the one redeeming quality they have over being the shittier of the two in experience. (Side note – arguably a … Continue reading

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Stuff I’m Into: Podcasts

I’ve been listening to a bunch of podcasts lately. I accidentally overreached my data-speed limit (so my phone doesn’t cut out or charge extra, but it does slow down my data after a certain amount) by listening to so many, … Continue reading

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Blame Mercury

I used to be more into astrology. I have always liked the way the planets move as symbols through that picture, and can be woven as a story. Much as any intuitive style non-science, it’s easy to make fun of … Continue reading

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Whole30 Week 5 (Re-Entry)

I have to admit that I weighed myself last week. It’s technically not supposed to be allowed on Whole30, because you aren’t supposed to be thinking about your weight during the protocol, but I gave in and stepped on the … Continue reading

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Where your ‘pissed-off’ meets the world’s need

Just before Martin Luther King, Jr.’s calendar day, I was half-listening to the daily presentation/devotional at the school where I sometimes work as a substitute. It’s a Christian school, and the presentation that day was by the lady who runs … Continue reading

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Obsessive Tendencies

For the past few days, I’ve been thinking a great deal about something. It almost borders on obsession.¬†And normally, that’s cool. When I’m having a fangirl moment, I can turn to outlets like this blog, and then whether my devotion … Continue reading

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Whole30 Week 4

Day 25 (Monday, 3/27) I made butternut squash cakes for breakfast, along with an egg. But my cakies did not look like that. I have a tendency to try to flip things too soon if they are in a pan … Continue reading

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